CDC and WHO Report a 43% Surge in Estimated Measles Deaths from 2021 to 2022 Worldwide

20 Nov 2023 • Global measles cases surged by nearly 20% in 2022, with a corresponding rise of almost 50% in measles-related fatalities, as reported by the CDC and WHO. The decrease in infant measles vaccination continued in 2021, with millions of children worldwide missing their first or second vaccine dose, setting a new record that led to the lowest measles vaccine coverage since 2008. Outbreaks were reported in 37 countries.

Global coverage with measles-containing vaccine (MCV) declined during the COVID-19 pandemic to the lowest levels since 2008, and measles surveillance was suboptimal.

To continue progress toward measles elimination, all children should receive 2 MCV doses to address pandemic-related immunity gaps and measles surveillance should be strengthened.

Source: CDC | Read full story

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