Type 2 Diabetes Linked To An Increased Risk Of Cardiac Conduction Diseases

11 Dec 2023 • A significant connection between new-onset type 2 diabetes and cardiac conduction diseases has been revealed.

Researchers have identified a heightened risk for conduction diseases, including atrioventricular blocks, bundle-branch blocks, and left bundle-branch blocks among individuals with diabetes. However, no such association between diabetes and right bundle-branch block was observed.

What Is New?

  • This is the first prospective study exploring whether new‐onset type 2 diabetes is an independent risk factor of incident cardiac conduction diseases in an Asian population.

What Are the Clinical Implications? Increased efforts in the pervasive prevention of type 2 diabetes may lead to substantial reduction of conduction disease–related medical and socioeconomic burden. The results advocate for a low threshold for evaluation of the heart rhythm in patients with type 2 diabetes, especially when they present with relevant clinical symptoms.

Source: AHA Journals | Read full story

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