New International Guidance Tackles Concussion in Sport

16 Jun 2023 • An international panel of experts has revised recommendations on optimal management of concussion for athletes at all levels of participation - with some major changes. A key update in the new consensus guidance published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine is "don't cocoon," panel member John Leddy, MD said. Leddy said strong evidence has emerged over the past several years that strict rest of all cognitive and physical activity after a concussion "does not help recovery and probably actually delays recovery."


  • Early Interventions Strict rest isn’t recommended. There’s now stronger evidence that light intensity physical activity, such as routine activities of daily living, and aerobic exercise, such as walking and stationary cycling, can aid recovery, as can limiting screen time during the first 48 hours.
  • Rehabilitation For those experiencing dizziness, neck pain and/or headaches for more than 10 days, the Statement recommends cervico-vestibular rehabilitation—physiotherapy exercises to reduce symptoms and improve function.
  • Persisting symptoms Multidisciplinary team assessment to identify the types, pattern, and severity of symptoms and any other contributory factors is advised for those with symptoms lasting more than 4 weeks.
  • Return to education and sport Academic support may be needed for some athletes in the form of a return to learn strategy. Light intensity activity in the early phases of the return to sport strategy is now recommended, with full sports participation usually occurring within 1 month of injury. But it’s best to manage athletes on an individual basis, accounting for specific factors that may affect their recovery, such as a history of migraine, anxiety, and social factors.

Source: BMJ Sports Medicine | Read full story

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