Haryana MBBS students to get Ayurveda lessons: Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij

6 Feb 2023 • As part of promoting the traditional system of medicine, the Haryana government is all set to teach Ayurvedic Medicine under the five-year MBBS programme, said Haryana’s Health Minister Anil Vij on 3rd Feb, Friday. As per the plans, the MBBS students would be taught allopathy for four years, and ayurveda for one year. The minister has constituted teams to formulate the course programme for teaching ayurveda under the five-year MBBS programme. The “Haryana government is taking steps to promote AYUSH and has recently made it a separate department. Earlier, AYUSH used to get buried under other health departments,” Vij said in Ambala.

He said that the government was committed to launching this programme soon. Going a step further, the government has also directed the insurance companies to reimburse the bills for ayurvedic medicines as well.

The minister said that if anybody has a problem with promoting ayurveda, they should read the ayurvedic formulas written in the ancient books and test these formulas in their scientific laboratories. “Ayurvedic medicines are now gaining recognition. If you can get rid of an upset stomach by having baking soda, why get an injection?”

However, medical experts have decried Haryana’s plans to teach ayurveda under the five-year MBBS undergraduate medical programme, calling the move neither practical nor likely to be executed. Source: Indian Express | Read full story

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