New AACE Type 2 Diabetes Algorithm Individualizes Care

8 May 2023 • The latest American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE) type 2 diabetes management algorithm uses graphics to focus on individualised care while adding newly compiled information about medication access and affordability, vaccinations, and weight loss drugs. The clinical guidance document was presented May 5 at the AACE Annual Meeting 2023 and simultaneously published in Endocrine Practice.

Aligning with the 2022 AACE diabetes guideline update, this 2023 diabetes algorithm update emphasizes lifestyle modification and treatment of overweight/obesity as key pillars in the management of prediabetes and diabetes mellitus and highlights the importance of appropriate management of atherosclerotic risk factors of dyslipidemia and hypertension. One notable new theme is an emphasis on a complication-centric approach, beyond glucose levels, to frame decisions regarding first-line pharmacologic choices for the treatment of persons with diabetes. The algorithm also includes access/cost of medications as factors related to health equity to consider in clinical decision-making.

"The algorithm takes from the larger clinical practice guideline and distills down those management principles in a much more digestible way, and a way that can be used every day in the clinic," lead author Susan L. Samson, MD, PhD, chair of endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism at the Mayo Clinic Florida.

Source: Endocrine Practice | Read full story Click here to download

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