#HuntForRCP: Can you guess what's coming on Medflix? 🥳

28 Sept 2023 • #ExcitingNewsAlert: We're bursting with anticipation to share some thrilling news! But before we spill the beans, how about we kick off a delightful little game? (Hint: Prizes await the champs! 😉)

#HuntForRCP is a treasure hunt for all you adventurous doctors out there! You'll get a clue everyday till you crack the case of #RCP!

So, what exactly is RCP? 🤔 Hold your horses, the RCP reveal will have to wait a tad longer. In the meantime, indulge in our treasure hunt and unlock exclusive perks.

What's up for grabs? 🎁 Think special offers, early access, and a whole lot more! 🔑

The #HuntForRCP starts now! To get your first clue and gain VIP Access, answer the pulse check below!

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