Management of ARDS – What Works and What Does Not- From the Speaker

9 Mar 2023 • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is a critical and life-threatening medical condition typified by rapidly progressive dyspnea, low oxygen levels, and bilateral lung opacities. It often arises in patients with underlying injuries or illnesses, such as sepsis, pneumonia, or trauma, and can also be triggered by COVID-19 in some cases. Efficient management of ARDS necessitates an arsenal of tools, including lung protective ventilation, optimal PEEP strategies, modes of ventilation, and recruitment manoeuvres. Mechanical ventilation remains the cornerstone of managing patients with ARDS. To enrich your knowledge of ARDS management, we invite you to attend Dr. Sandeep David's upcoming talk on the subject. Dr. David, a highly accomplished Consultant Emergency Medicine Physician from CMC Vellore, will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest definitions, gradings, pathophysiology, and evidence-based treatment options for ARDS. This is an opportunity to gain valuable insights and improve patient outcomes. Don't miss out on this informative session! Drop your questions for Dr Sandeep David in the comments below, and we will ask Dr David in the LIVE session!

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