India Achieves 16% Decline in New TB Cases, 18% Reduction in Mortality Since 2015: Report

28 Mar 2024 • India’s efforts to ensure early tuberculosis detection and treatment initiation, along with a host of community engagement efforts has resulted in a decline of 16% in TB incidence (new cases emerging each year) and a 18% reduction in mortality due to TB, since 2015.

The incidence rate in India has fallen from 237 per lakh population in 2015 to 199 per lakh population in 2022, while the mortality rate declined from 28 per lakh population in 2015 to 23 per lakh population in 2022.

Additionally, of all the TB cases notified in 2023, nearly 32% of notifications came from the private health care sector which is an increase of 17% from the previous year. According to the data released in the report, while the overall notification of TB cases has improved by over 50% in the last nine years on an annual basis, Uttar Pradesh saw the highest jump in notifications (by 21% compared to the previous year) followed by Bihar (15%).

Source: The Hindu | Read full story

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