Torsemide vs Furosemide in Heart Failure!

23 Jan 2023 • The TRANSFORM-HF trial contributes to closing a significant gap in the limited base of evidence guiding diuretic therapy in individuals with a history of HF hospitalisation. Results in that situation, for instance, indicate that discharge on any suitable loop diuretic is more crucial than the selection of a loop diuretic. Whether patients with heart failure (HF) were discharged on furosemide or torsemide, survival and readmission risk were comparable. Although torsemide is frequently preferred by doctors due to its claimed benefits, such as better bioavailability, potassium sparing, and potentially beneficial pleiotropic effects, furosemide may be the most commonly recommended loop diuretic in HF. However, TRANSFORM-HF offers no proof to back up such a preference. Regardless of ejection fraction, the primary endpoint of all-cause mortality was around 26% over a median of 17 months regardless of whether patients were assigned to a furosemide or torsemide-first starting approach. Additionally, there were no appreciable differences in the 12-month composite rates of hospitalisation or death, which were around 49% and 47%, respectively. According to the research, doctors can choose to continue prescribing either loop diuretic without risk.

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