HbA1c, HOMA2-B, CGR, and T2D Clusters: Predictive Parameters for Initiating Insulin Therapy in T2D

29 Dec 2023 • HbA1c, indices of insulin secretion capacity (HOMA2-B and CGR) and T2D clusters might be applicable tools to guide practitioners in the decision of whether insulin is required in people already diagnosed with T2D.

  • In T2D patients without prior insulin therapy, higher baseline HbA1c, a lower C-peptide to glucose ratio (CGR), and diminished homeostatic model assessment (HOMA)2-B were identified as significant predictors of glycaemic therapy failure.
  • Diabetes clusters, categorized as mild age-related, severe insulin-deficient, mild obesity-related, and severe insulin-resistant influence insulin therapy decisions for T2D patients.

Source: Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism | Read full story

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