Concussion May Not Affect IQ In Children

26 Jul 2023 • A multicenter study involving nearly 900 children with concussion or orthopedic injury found that there were no significant differences in intelligence quotient (IQ) scores between the two groups in the first months after the injury. The small differences observed in full-scale IQ and matrix reasoning scores were considered negligible.

  • The study analyzed data from two prospective cohort studies of children aged 8-17 years who were treated for concussion or mild orthopedic injury in the United States and Canada.
  • IQ and performance validity testing were conducted within 3-18 days of the injury for the US participants and at 3 months after the injury for those in Canada.

The study concluded that the differences in IQ scores between the concussion and orthopedic-injury groups were minimal and not clinically significant. The study was published July 17 in American Academy of Pediatrics's Journal.

Source: AAP | Read full story

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