Arrested - Fake Medical Rep who duped doctors of Crores of rupees!!

15 Feb 2023 • After a doctor in Greater Noida complained that he had been conned out of 18.72 lakh by a medical representative, the cyber cell section of Uttar Pradesh's Special Task Force (UP-STF) detained a person from West Bengal posing as a medical representative of a major pharmaceutical firm. The Uttar Pradesh police announced on Tuesday that it had detained the culprit who, under the guise of setting up international travel packages, conned "hundreds of doctors" in many states out of crores of rupees. After demonetization, Pandey lost his employment as an FSO with a leading pharma company. The Greater Noida-based doctor filed a complaint in June 2022 alleging that Pandey had claimed to arrange a family vacation package to Dubai and illegally obtained Rs 18.72 lakh through bank account transfers and Paytm payments. The probe further showed that Pandey had defrauded "crores of rupees" by defrauding hundreds of doctors using the same scheme. Investigations have also shown that at least 19 additional allegations have been filed against him in the past few years.

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