AI System Amazes by Diagnosing Prostate Cancer on MRI

12 Jun 2024 • Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have the potential to assist in diagnosing prostate cancer by reducing the workload and preventing overdiagnosis.

In a recent study, researchers trained and validated an AI system for detecting clinically significant prostate cancer on MRI scans. The AI system was compared to radiologists who used Prostate Imaging—Reporting and Data System version 2.1 (PI-RADS 2.1) and the standard of care in routine practice.

  • The study included a cohort of 10,207 MRI examinations from 9,129 patients, with 2,440 cases confirmed to have prostate cancer.

  • In a subset of 400 cases, the AI system demonstrated superior performance with an area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUROC) of 0.91 compared to an AUROC of 0.86 for radiologists using PI-RADS 2.1.

  • The AI system also detected 6.8% more cases of Gleason grade group 2 or greater cancers at the same specificity.

Overall, the AI system showed superior results to PI-RADS (2.1) and could be a supportive tool in the primary diagnostic setting.

Source:Lancet | Read full story

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