A Negative Relationship Between Serum Magnesium Levels and Obesity in Type 2 Diabetes

31 May 2024 • Serum magnesium levels and the risk of obesity and abdominal obesity have a significant negative relationship in type 2 diabetes patients, revealed a cross-sectional real-world study

  • The study included 8010 patients with type 2 diabetes who were divided into quintiles based on the serum magnesium levels.
  • The clinical characteristics and the prevalence of obesity and abdominal obesity were compared across serum magnesium quintiles in type 2 diabetes.

The serum magnesium levels can be used to assess the risk of obesity and abdominal obesity in type 2 diabetes patients. And the potential justification for the negative association between serum magnesium levels and obesity is its anti-inflammatory functions.

Source: DMJ | Read full story

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