Promoting Physical Activity, Reducing Sedentary Time Vital for HF Prevention in Older Women

22 Feb 2024 • Accelerometer-measured physical activity (PA) in older women (age 63 to 99 ) has emerged as a crucial factor in heart failure (HF) prevention.

  • Increased daily light PA, moderate to vigorous PA, & steps per day were associated with a lower risk of overall HF and HFpEF.
  • However, these associations were not observed in HFrEF.
  • Conversely, higher total sedentary time was linked to an elevated risk of overall HF & HFpEF.

Results suggest that promoting regular PA and minimal sedentary time in older women may be prudent for primary prevention of heart failure and its subtype with preserved ejection fraction for which treatment is limited.

Source: JAMA Cardiology | Read full story

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