WHO Confirms Monkeypox Spreads Sexually Amid Outbreak in DR Congo

27 Nov 2023 • The World Health Organization said it has confirmed sexual transmission of monkeypox in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the first time as the country’s experiences its biggest-ever outbreak, a worrying development that African scientists warn could make it more difficult to stop the disease.

These new features of sexual and unknown modes of transmission now raise additional concerns over the continuing rapid expansion of the outbreak in the country. In the global outbreak of mpox which began in 2022, clade IIb MPXV transmission between humans continues in most WHO regions.

WHO added that the mpox outbreak this year in Congo, which has infected more than 12,500 people and killed about 580, also marked the first time the disease has been identified in the capital of Kinshasa and in the conflict-ridden province of South Kivu. Those figures are roughly double the mpox toll in 2020, making it Congo's biggest-ever outbreak, WHO said.

Source: WHO | Read full story

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