CDC investigating EzriCare eye drops after reports of dozens of infections, one death in 11 states

2 Feb 2023 • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned the public to “immediately discontinue” use of EzriCare Artificial Tears, and said the eye drops could be linked to infections across the United States that have resulted in hospitalization, vision loss and one death. The CDC issued Wednesday’s warning after 55 patients in 12 states were identified with infections caused by a strain of the “extensively drug-resistant” Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria between May and January.

The CDC found the outbreak strain in open EzriCare bottles in two states and is testing unopened bottles to see whether they may have been contaminated during manufacturing. Among the reported cases, at least 11 developed eye infections, while three experienced permanent vision loss in one eye. There were also those who had respiratory infection or urinary tract infections while one person lost their life after the bacterium entered the bloodstream, reported Fox News.

While the agency has not traced the infection to the eye drop Artificial Tears, it said that a majority of people who became ill reported using it. The product is manufactured by India-based Global Pharma Healthcare, which sells the product under other brand names, and is working with the FDA on a potential recall, EzriCare said.

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