New Findings Raise Concerns: Children Born After Assisted Reproduction Face Increased Leukemia Risk

4 May 2024 • In a recent study, children born after frozen embryo transfer (FET) or fresh ET had an increased risk of leukemia compared with children conceived naturally.

In a sweeping study encompassing 8.5 million children, no significant variance in overall cancer risk was noted among those born via assisted reproduction methods compared to natural conception.

However, children born after fresh ET showed a heightened risk of leukemia (HR: 1.42), especially those with prolonged follow-up, as did children born after FET, particularly acute lymphoblastic leukemia cases (HR: 1.61).

This risk, although resulting in a limited number of cases, needs to be monitored in view of the continuous increase in the use of ART.

Source: JAMA | Read full story

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