Updated Meta-analysis: Cranberry Products Reduced UTI Risk

10 May 2023 • According to results published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, cranberry products—including juice or capsules—reduced the risk of symptomatic, confirmed urinary tract infections (UTIs) in several groups. For this update 26 new studies were added, bringing the total number of included studies to 50 (8857 randomised participants)

The results suggest that:

  • Consuming cranberry products reduced UTI risk in children by 54%
  • In people susceptible to UTIs after a medical intervention such as radiation treatment for bladder or prostate cancer by 53%
  • And in women with a history of recurrent UTIs by 26%
  • The number of participants with gastrointestinal side effects probably does not differ between those taking cranberry products and those receiving placebo or no specific treatment.

These data support the use of cranberry products to reduce the risk of symptomatic, culture‐verified UTIs in women with recurrent UTIs, in children, and in people susceptible to UTIs following interventions. The evidence currently available does not support its use in the elderly, patients with bladder emptying problems, or pregnant women.

Source: Cochrane Library | Read full story

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