Popular Smart Watch proves to be a LIFE-SAVER!!

27 Jan 2023 • When Elain Thompson experienced seizures, her daughter proposed that as part of her post-diagnosis care, she should wear a smart watch to track her health. Thompson's smart watch recently alerted her that her heart rhythm was irregular. She then visited a cardiologist and was fitted with a heart monitor for a week. One day while she was sleeping, her heart stopped for 19 seconds, and the monitor alerted the hospital. According to the report, doctors determined that Thompson had a cardiac blockage and implanted a pacemaker to help treat her illness. "I am grateful for it. I wouldn't have discussed it with the doctor if I hadn't received the alert. I now always wear my Smart Watch. It was so scary knowing I could have died. I flat-lined for 19 seconds. I might not have woken up " said Ms. Thompson.

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