Injectable Allograft Disc Tissue relieves Back Pain!

2 Mar 2023 • Injecting allograft disc tissue into the spine to treat pain caused by degenerative disc degeneration is a minimally invasive surgery that, according to new research, considerably reduces discomfort and improves function over time. Viable disc allograft supplementation is the name of the procedure that involves injecting specialised cells and fluid into a patient's injured disc. The cells in the fluid that has been injected stimulate the damaged disc's cells to replace itself with healthy tissue. This three-year voluntary extension of the randomised control Viable Allograft Supplemented Disc Regeneration in the Treatment of Patients With Low Back Pain (VAST Study) had 50 patients at nine sites, 46 of whom received allograft treatment, and four of whom received saline. 70% of patients who had allograft therapy for chronic low back pain reported an ODI score improvement of at least 20 points and 60% of patients reported more than 50% improvement in pain. There were no known long-lasting adverse events. According to studies, the use of allograft could potentially assist patients with persistent low back pain in using fewer opioids, which would be especially beneficial for younger people who still have years of function and quality of life ahead of them.

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