Sugar-Heavy Diet Linked To Development Of Kidney Stones

8 Aug 2023 • A US national representative study suggests that a diet high in added sugars could increase the risk of developing kidney stones. The analysis involved over 28,000 U.S. adults and found that individuals with the highest energy intake from added sugars had a 39% greater likelihood of kidney stone development compared to those with the lowest added sugar intake.

  • Those in the highest quartile of added sugar consumption had an average daily intake of 542.11 kcal, while those in the lowest quartile consumed 58.25 kcal.
  • Furthermore, individuals who consumed 25% or more of their daily calories from added sugars had an 88% higher risk of kidney stones compared to those who kept their added sugar intake under 5% of their daily calories.

The study included 28,303 adults with an average age of 48, and the relationship between added sugar consumption and kidney stone risk appeared to vary by race, with the highest risk observed among individuals categorized as ""other races,"" followed by Hispanic and non-Hispanic white adults.

Consuming a higher percentage of energy from added sugars is positively associated with a higher prevalence of kidney stones. This article provides cross-sectional evidence for the relationship between added sugars and health outcomes.

Source: Frontiers in Nutrition | Read full story

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