Amid Covid surge, ICMR cautions on antibiotic use

21 Mar 2023 • The Indian Council of Medical Research has issued revised guidelines for Covid-19 in the wake of the surge of cases across the country in the past week. Key Takeaways from the Guidelines released as of March 20th, 2023 :

  • The guideline does not advice the use of Lopinavir-ritonavir, HCQ, Ivermectin, Convalescent plasma, Molnupiravir, Favipiravir, Azithromycin, Doxycycline,” Dr Lokesh Sharma, heath informatics researcher, ICMR, tweeted.
  • Antibiotics should not be used unless there is clinical suspicion of bacterial infection. The possibility of coinfection of Covid with other endemic infections must be considered.
  • Systemic corticosteroids are not indicated in mild disease.
  • “Seek immediate medical attention if difficulty in breathing, high grade fever/severe cough particularly lasting more than 5 days. A low threshold is to be kept for those with any of the high risk features," the guidelines further said.
  • Additionally, in moderate or severe diseases at high risk of progression, the guidelines recommend - “consider Remdesivir for up to five days (200 mg IV on day 1 followed by 100 mg IV OD for next four days)”.

For additional information on the matter and an in-depth discussion on Unmasking Current Respiratory Viral Infections with expert faculty Dr. Tushar Shah & Dr. Tanu Singhal, click here to view.

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