Presepsin: A Promising Diagnostic Indicator for Post-Op Infections Across Surgical Procedures

28 Nov 2023 • High rates of postoperative infection persist after different surgical procedures, encompassing surgical site infections (SSIs), remote infections, sepsis, and septic shock. Compared to conventional markers like C-reactive protein (CRP) and procalcitonin (PCT), presepsin demonstrated superior sensitivity and specificity for detecting postoperative infectious complications across various surgical procedures.

The study results, published in The American Journal of Surgery, reveal presepsin's impressive sensitivity of 77% and specificity of 81%, outperforming conventional markers.

The diverse diagnostic performance of presepsin observed in this study suggests that surgeons can consider using presepsin as a diagnostic indicator for postoperative infectious complications in patients undergoing different surgical procedures. This can aid in identifying the appropriate timing for initiating quickly and accurate treatment.

Source: The American Journal of Surgery | Read full story

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