Sex-specific risks for CVD across the glycemic spectrum

21 Aug 2023 • A large observational study using UK Biobank data has revealed that individuals with prediabetes, undiagnosed diabetes, and diagnosed diabetes have a higher risk of incident cardiovascular disease (CVD). Notably, individuals with low-normal A1c levels were found to have a lower risk of CVD. The study included over 427,000 participants and assessed multiple CVD outcomes during a median follow-up of 11.8 years. The study emphasizes the importance of strategies to reduce CVD risk across the glycemic spectrum, indicating that addressing modifiable factors like weight reduction, antihypertensive medication use, and statins could mitigate the excess CVD risks associated with different glycemic states. The study observed sex differences, with the absolute rate of CVD events higher among men, but the relative risk higher among women. The researchers highlight the significance of lower blood glucose levels in protecting against heart disease within the normal range. The findings underscore the potential for risk reduction by addressing modifiable factors and indicate a need to tackle sex disparities in glycemia-related CVD risks. Source: The Lancet | Read full story

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