Benefits Outweigh Risks for SGLT2i Continuation in Heart Failure with Declining Kidney Function

4 Nov 2023 • When it comes to treating patients with HF experiencing deterioration of kidney function, the benefit-to-risk ratio favors continuation of dapagliflozin treatment.

  • In a study involving 11,007 HF patients, 3.2% experienced a decline in estimated glomerular filtration rate to <25 mL/min/1.73 m2. This group faced higher risk of CV events, but continuing dapagliflozin proved beneficial without increased safety concerns.

Among these patients, 3.2% experienced a decline in eGFR to less than 25 mL/min/1.73 m2 during the follow-up period. This decline in kidney function was associated with a higher risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes.

However, patients who continued dapagliflozin treatment, despite declining eGFR, showed a reduced risk of the primary composite outcome compared to those who did not receive dapagliflozin. While the safety outcomes, including drug discontinuation, were higher among patients with deteriorating kidney function, the rates remained similar between the dapagliflozin and placebo groups.

Source: JACC | Read full story

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