TRUNCATE-TB Trial Finds Shorter, More Effective Tuberculosis Treatment

3 Apr 2023 • The Two-Month Regimens Using Novel Combinations to Augment Treatment Effectiveness for Drug-Sensitive Tuberculosis (TRUNCATE-TB) trial has shown that an 8-week regimen for drug-susceptible pulmonary tuberculosis was non-inferior to the standard 6-month rifampin-based regimen. The shorter initial course, involving bedaquiline and linezolid, was associated with a reduced total duration of treatment, fewer side effects, and higher motivation to adhere to the 8-week course. However, the follow-up after treatment represents an additional burden compared to standard treatment. Participants who adhered to the 8-week regimen reported a positive experience, and the pragmatic monitoring approach is likely to be feasible for treatment programs. The efficacy of the 8-week regimen was consistent across multiple subgroups of participants defined according to baseline characteristics. The strategy may allow program resources to be redeployed to enhance adherence support, which may prevent the decrease in effectiveness associated with standard treatment when used in programs. Future cost-effectiveness analyses are under way to explore whether the additional costs of monitoring and retreatment are offset by the costs saved with reduced treatment duration.

Source: The New England Journal of Medicine | Read full article

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