Adolescent Obesity Linked to Early Chronic Kidney Disease in Young Adulthood

12 Dec 2023 • Adolescent obesity is a major risk factor for early CKD in young adulthood. Early CKD is defined as stage 1 to 2 CKD by moderately or severely increased albuminuria, with an estimated glomerular filtration rate of 60 mL/min/1.73 m2 or higher.

As per study findings published in JAMA Pediatrics, a high body mass index in late adolescence could potentially lead to the development of early chronic kidney disease in young adulthood, occurring before the age of 45.

  • The risk increased with increasing severity of obesity.
  • The risk was also present in seemingly healthy individuals with high-normal BMI and before 30 years of age.

These findings underscore the importance of mitigating adolescent obesity rates and managing risk factors for kidney disease in adolescents with high BMI.

Source: JAMA | Read full story

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