Short DAPT May Be Especially Beneficial for Women at High Bleeding Risk

2 Dec 2023 • Women at high bleeding risk (HBR) do not seem to experience more ischemic or bleeding events than men and may especially benefit from a regimen of short dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) after PCI.

With an abbreviated. 1-month course of DAPT, this subanalysis showed that men in the MASTER DAPT trial reported a 1% increase of MACCE rates compared with those taking a standard DAPT regimen of at least 3 months, whereas women saw more than a 2% decrease in MACCE.

  • For the study published online in JAMA Cardiology, researchers included 4,579 HBR patients from the MASTER DAPT trial who were randomized at 1 month after PCI to abbreviated or standard DAPT.
  • Women on abbreviated DAPT saw a greater benefit regarding MACCE—defined as all-cause death, MI, or stroke- compared with men.
  • The rates of both ischemic and bleeding events were comparable between men and women, overall.

All results were maintained when looking only at ACS patients or those undergoing complex PCI.

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