Madras HC slams 19 doctors who challenged rural service postings at PHC's with no facilities

8 Feb 2023 • Making a taunting observation that doctors should not waste their time in litigation, the Madras High Court dismissed the plea of 19 doctors who claimed the PHCs lacked the required infrastructure for providing specialised treatment.

As per the bond executed at the time of their PG admissions, these doctors are liable to serve the compulsory bond postings offered to them after completion of course. However, the doctors opposed these postings on the grounds that the type of work that is going to be allotted to the PG doctors must commensurate with the qualification & specialisation which they have attained.

The HC bench of Justice Venkatesh observed "The PG doctors cannot take the stand that they will work only in hospitals with all facilities. If this stand is to be sustained, the services most of the non-service PG students cannot be utilised during the bond period".

Source: Medical Dialogues| Read full story

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