COPD Risk Heightened in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients, Especially in Seropositive Patients, Study Confirms

19 Feb 2024 • RA is associated with an increased risk of COPD development, augmented by seropositivity, as per findings published in the journal CHEST.

Analyzing data from a national database, a study including 46,030 RA patients found that the incidence of COPD among RA patients was 5.04/1,000 person-years, vs. 2.23/1,000 person-years in the control group.

Both seropositive and seronegative RA were linked to an increased COPD risk, with seropositive RA demonstrating a higher association (aHR 1.26). Smoking history did not significantly impact the RA-COPD link.

Clinicians should monitor respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function carefully in patients with RA.

Source: CHEST | Read full story

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