Menstrual Health in Sport: Empowering Female Cricketers for Optimal Performance

28 May 2023 • In the male-dominated world of sports, menstrual health has long been a silent and stigmatized topic. Female athletes face unique challenges, including menstrual irregularities, reproductive health disorders, and the impact of hormonal changes on performance and well-being.

Conditions like RED-S, low energy availability, menstrual dysfunction, and low bone density, can affect athletes of any gender and ability level. Cultural pressures on body image and weight further exacerbate these challenges, leading to disordered eating patterns.

Cricket has been slow in addressing the specific health needs of female athletes, perpetuating the silence surrounding menstruation. Increased awareness and education are essential, along with research focused on female cricketers' distinct requirements.

Normalizing discussions, providing support, and fostering open communication can empower female cricketers to excel while prioritizing their well-being. Let's break the silence, raise awareness, and create an inclusive environment where menstrual health is an integral part of every athlete's journey.

Source: ESPNcricinfo | Read full story

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