33% of Type 1 Diabetes Patients Insulin-Free With Stem Cells

4 Jul 2023 • An investigational allogeneic stem cell–derived pancreatic islet cell replacement therapy (VX-880) continues to show promise as a treatment for type 1 diabetes, according to the latest data, from six patients thus far. Two of the six are insulin-independent beyond 1 year after receiving the VX-880 infusions, and three others who received them more recently are on a similar trajectory.

"These new findings demonstrate the potential of stem cell-derived islets as a future treatment for patients with type 1 diabetes, signaling a new era that could potentially remove the need for exogenously administered insulin to achieve glycemic control," said lead investigator Trevor W. Reichman. Reichman presented the data at the annual Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) last week, as an update to the report of the first two patients at last year's ADA meeting "We are hopeful that this first-of-its-kind research could be a game-changer for the treatment of type 1 diabetes," he emphasized.

Among all six, adverse events included elevations in the liver enzyme transaminase, occurring shortly after VX-880 infusion that were transient and resolved. No serious adverse events were considered related to the therapy.

Based on the data so far, the VX-880 trial is now moving to part C, in which 10 concurrently enrolled participants will receive the full target dose of the product.

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