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14 Sept 2023 • Did a parent approach you with their child who just got bitten by a dog? 🐶 Are you aware of the schedule that should be followed for anti - rabies vaccinations?💉

What if your patient has missed prior vaccines? Is there a catch - up schedule that can be followed?

Your patient suddenly develops severe dyspnea after receiving his vaccine? Are you prepared to manage possible side - effects like anaphylaxis?🤢

What to do if you gave your patient the wrong vaccine?🧐

In this gripping session, Dr. Tushar Maniar has addressed some of the burning questions regarding pediatric immunization.

From informing us about when is the earliest or the latest a vaccine can be administered, to updating us on the safe injection practices to be followed, Dr. Maniar attempts to educate clinicians on the 10 must know-hows for vaccinating a child.

'Identify, Accept, Explain' is Dr. Tushar's priniciple to approach the unfortunate but unintended incident where in an error has been committed in vaccination and additionally this session helps provide clarity on staying prepared for side - effects like Anaphylaxis.

Dr. Maniar always encourages to observe the child for 15 - 20 mins post vaccination, and always stay prepared with Adrenaline (inj), Ambu bag and mask, IV Hydrocortisone, Oxygen cylinder (portable), IV cannula and normal saline.

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