WHO reports exponential rise in cholera cases in Africa

17 Feb 2023 • Amid a global surge in the disease, Africa is currently experiencing an exponential rise in cholera cases, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported last week. “We are witnessing a worrying scenario where conflict and extreme climatic events are worsening the triggers of cholera and increasing its toll on lives,” said Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa.

As of 29 January 2023, an estimated 26,000 cases and 660 deaths have been reported in the 10 countries. The average case fatality ratio is almost at three per cent, which is above the 2.3 per cent reached in 2022 and far exceeds the acceptable level of below one. Most new infections and deaths have occurred in Malawi, which is facing its worst outbreak in 20 years. Public health response

  • Emergency response activities are being conducted by the Ministry of Health, WHO and other partners since the declaration of the outbreak in March 2022.
  • Joint Ministry of Health and WHO field operational visits are ongoing in districts with high case load and deaths.

“It’s critical for African countries to scale up readiness to quickly detect cases and mount comprehensive and timely response,” said Dr. Moeti. Source: WHO | Read full story

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