Just an Hour’s Walk a Week Lowers Risk in Type 2 DM!

8 Sept 2023 • More than 50% of individuals with T2DM suffer from microvascular complications like neuropathy, nephropathy and retinopathy which have a significant impact on their quality of life.

Physical activity is undoubtedly seen as a ‘cornerstone’ in the management of T2DM because of its favourable effects on metabolic risk factors, however its impact on microvascular complications has been relatively obscure and the evidence is limited.

Therefore, researchers wanted to evaluate the dose-response association, including the minimal effective level, between leisure-time physical activity and neuropathy, nephropathy, and retinopathy.

A cohort study including 18,092 individuals with T2DM was conducted, where in leisure-time physical activity was recorded based on the self-reported frequency, duration, and types of physical activities.

The researchers determined the recommended moderate activity level to be 150 minutes according to the WHO recommendations of 150-300 minutes of moderate to vigorous leisure-time physical activity per week.

  • Over a median follow-up of 12.1 years, 3.7% of the participants were diagnosed with neuropathy, 10.2% with nephropathy, and 11.7% with retinopathy, equating to an incidence per 1000 person-years of 3.5, 9,8, and 11.4, respectively.

  • The results revealed that any level of physical activity was associated with an approximate reduction in the risk for neuropathy and nephropathy.

  • However, the association between physical activity and retinopathy was reportedly weaker.

Nonetheless, multiple factors like gender, financial conditions, social and psychological factors, and access to healthcare can influence the risk of complications in T2DM and need to be studied further.

Source: Diabetes Care | Read full story

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