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15 Sept 2023 • Lack of salt or too much salt can ruin the taste of our food', with this statement Dr. Manish Bhatnagar weighs in on the detrimental effects of PPI💊 overuse in healthcare.

PPIs were purported to have an excellent safety profile, however a number of adverse effects like SIBO, C.difficle infections and RAHS have been associated with its overuse and studies in the past decade have reported :

  • Higher risk of a spectrum of kidney disorders like AKI, AIN and CKD
  • Elevated risk of dementia
  • Increased chance of developing MI

Its unfortunate that about 68% of hospital inpatients do not have an appropriate indication for PPI use.😧

Nevertheless, it is important to recognize the mistakes in PPI prescription🙅‍♂️: • Prescription without proper indication or without a confirmed diagnosis of GERD • No attempt of discontinuation after 8 weeks of PPI use • Not stepping down to once daily or on demand use • Not considering alginates and H2RAs when stepping down • PPI prescribed for laryngopharyngeal symptoms or for patients on medications like steroids empirically

It is recommended that patients on short - term use of PPIs subsequently attempt to stop or reduce their intake by following a suitable step down plan.

Patients requiring long term use of PPIs should be reevaluated periodically so that the lowest effective dose of PPIs can be prescribed to manage the condition.✅

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