Six Habits for a Sharp Mind: Slowing Memory Decline

31 Jan 2023 • Published on the 30th of January 2023 Adopting 6 healthy lifestyle habits has been linked to slower memory decline in older adults according to a large population-based study. A study conducted by Jianping Jia and colleagues found that six healthy lifestyle behaviours can slow down memory decline in older adults. The study, which is part of the China Cognition and Aging Study, followed a group of 29,072 adults for a decade and evaluated their memory function, as well as their physical exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, diet, cognitive activity, and social contact. After controlling for health and socioeconomic factors, the researchers found that each healthy behaviour was associated with a slower decline in memory over the decade. A healthy diet emerged as the strongest factor, followed by cognitive activity and physical exercise. The study suggests that lifestyle modifications can be used to help protect against memory decline in older adults.

Source: MD Edge |Read full story

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