US FDA Approves First Test to Help Identify Elevated Risk of Developing Opioid Use Disorder

23 Dec 2023 • The FDA has approved the first test employing DNA to detect the heightened susceptibility of adults to developing opioid use disorder.

The test is designed for use prior to the initial administration of oral opioid pain medications in individuals considered for a 4-30 day prescription to address acute pain (e.g. planned surgical procedures). It is not meant for patients undergoing treatment for chronic pain.

The test is administered by a health care provider by swabbing the cheek of a patient to collect a DNA sample that will be used to determine if a patient has a combination of genetic variants that may be associated with an elevated risk of developing OUD. This information should be used as part of a complete clinical evaluation and risk assessment; it should not be used alone to make treatment decisions.

Source: FDA | Read full story

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