BREAKTHROUGH STUDY: Prostate Cancer Patients May Not Need Immediate Treatment

13 Mar 2023 • The University of Oxford has conducted a study emphasising the need for men diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer to carefully evaluate the benefits and risks of treatment options.

Over 1,600 men in the UK were randomly assigned to surgery, radiation, or active monitoring, with cancer spreading in 9.4% of the active-monitoring group, 4.7% of the surgery group, and 5% of the radiation group after 15 years. The study highlighted that cancer spread alone does not predict prostate cancer death.

Experts have advised that monitoring practices have improved significantly, with the use of MRI imaging and gene tests to guide decisions. The study found that approximately 60% of low-risk patients in the US opt for monitoring.

Doctors should advise patients to consider these findings when determining the most appropriate treatment option. Patients with early-stage prostate cancer may not require immediate treatment, and their decision should be based on individual risks and benefits. Careful evaluation of the benefits and risks is vital in the management of early-stage prostate cancer, as demonstrated by the recent study.

Source: nbcnews| Read full story

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