SGLT2 Inhibitors Lower Nephrolithiasis Risk in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

30 Jan 2024 • In adults with Type 2 Diabetes, a study found that those initiating SGLT2i treatment had a significantly reduced risk of developing nephrolithiasis compared to those starting on GLP-1RAs or DPP4is.

The risk reduction was consistent across various demographics, including sex, race, ethnicity, and a history of chronic kidney disease. A more pronounced effect was observed in adults under 70 years old.

These findings suggest that in adults with T2D, SGLT2i use may lower the risk of nephrolithiasis compared with GLP-1RAs or DPP4is and could help to inform decision-making when prescribing glucose-lowering agents for patients who may be at risk for developing nephrolithiasis.

Source: JAMA Internal Medicine | Read full story

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