Investigational Nasal Spray Found Safe, Effective for Self-Treatment of Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia

2 Oct 2023 • Self‐administration of investigational intranasal L‐type calcium channel blocker etripamil during paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT) appeared safe and well‐tolerated in the phase 3 NODE‐301 trial of adults with sustained atrioventricular nodal‐dependent PSVT.

  • Atripamil, administered as a 70-mg nasal spray, was investigated in the phase 3 NODE-301 study. NODE-302, an open-label extension of that study, enrolled 105 patients (mean age, 58 years). Almost 60% of the patients were women; 82% were White patients. The participants self-treated episodes of perceived PSVT with etripamil for up to 11 episodes.
  • The primary focus was on safety, with efficacy outcomes measured by the time it took for PSVT to convert to sinus rhythm after etripamil treatment.
  • The results demonstrated that etripamil was well-tolerated, with 87.6% of patients experiencing positively adjudicated PSVT episodes.
  • There were no reported cases of syncope or hypotension, and ECG recordings revealed no cases of atrioventricular block, bradycardia, or conversion pauses after etripamil administration.

The results "demonstrate the consistent safety of etripamil 70-mg nasal spray, self-administered for symptomatic PSVT treatment without medical supervision," the authors conclude. The medication has a rapid onset of action, and its use could reduce trips to the emergency department to treat vagal maneuver–resistant PSVT episodes, they add.

Source: AHA Journals | Read full story

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