Ankle Blood Pressure Emerges as Crucial Predictor for Peripheral Artery Disease and Mortality

4 Mar 2024 • In a groundbreaking study spanning 53 countries with 40,747 participants, researchers compared the predictive power of arm and ankle blood pressures (BPs) for peripheral artery disease (PAD) and mortality.

  • Ankle BP indices, specifically ankle systolic BP (SBP) and ankle–pulse pressure difference (APPD), outperformed arm BP indices in predicting PAD and mortality.
  • Participants with lower ankle BP indices faced significantly higher risks, with adjusted hazard ratios showing a clear dose-response relationship.

Ankle BP indices, notably ankle SBP and APPD, consistently demonstrated superior predictive abilities compared to established risk factors, making them key indicators for assessing future PAD and mortality risks.

Source: European Heart Journal | Read full story

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