WHO Highlights Persistent Postpartum Health Challenges in Recent Research

8 Dec 2023 • More than a third of women experience lasting health problems after childbirth, new research shows. A Lancet Global Health study revealed that nearly 40 million women annually faced long-term health challenges resulting from childbirth, emphasizing the need for increased awareness & attention.

These lingering conditions, persisting for months or even years post-delivery, included dyspareunia, LBP, anal incontinence, urinary incontinence, anxiety, depression, perineal pain, tokophobia, & secondary infertility.

Fundamentally, the study argues for a strong, multidisciplinary health system, that not only provides high quality, respectful maternity services but also prevents ill health and mitigates the impact of broader inequities - including specific interventions that support the most vulnerable women and girls.

Source: WHO | Read full story

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