The Uproar Surrounding NEET UG 2024: Developments So Far

10 Jun 2024 • The NEET-UG exam for the year 2024 was held on May 5 and 24 lakh students attempted all over India.

  • The results were scheduled to be released on June 14 but were declared on June 4.
  • 67 students had a perfect score of 720 sharing the 1st rank out of which 6 were from the same center.
  • Some scored 718 and 719 and questions were raised against them as it was theoretically impossible in an exam with a +4, -1 marking system. The National Testing Agency (NTA) explained that 1600 students from 6 centers lost their examination time due to unforeseen errors and grace marks were awarded for the same.
  • There were also allegations of paper leakage and mark inflation, but NTA has refuted them clearly.
  • While this issue was politicized, a writ petition contesting NTA's decision to award grace marks was recently submitted to the Supreme Court.

According to experts, the mark inflation in NEET UG 2024 results is expected to make securing a spot in medical schools this year more difficult.

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