CDC Advises Hepatitis C Screening Among Perinatally Exposed Infants and Children

2 Nov 2023 • The CDC released new recommendations for hepatitis C virus (HCV) screening among perinatally exposed infants and children. The four new recommendations detailed in the MMWR Recommendations and Reports are as follows:

  1. All perinatally exposed infants should be screened for HCV with a nucleic acid test (NAT) for detection of HCV RNA at ages 2 to 6 months

  2. All infants and kids with detectable HCV RNA should see a healthcare provider with expertise in pediatric hepatitis C management

3)Exposed infants and kids with an undetectable HCV RNA result at or after 2 months of age do not need to seek further follow-up unless "clinically warranted"

  1. An NAT for HCV RNA is recommended for perinatally exposed infants and children ages 7 to 17 months who previously have not been tested, and an HCV antibody test followed by a reflex NAT for HCV RNA (when anti-HCV is reactive) is recommended for perinatally exposed kids ages 18 months and older who previously have not been tested"

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