Just In : AIIMS-Delhi now allows doctors from other hosps to apply for Medical Superintendent

25 Jan 2023 • In a significant development, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi has made amendments in the existing recruitment rules for the post of Medical Superintendent (MS) which will now allow a doctor to be sent on deputation to AIIMS for the post. Earlier, the recruitment was done through a direct mode where a faculty member is appointed for the medical superintendent post. However, with the new amendment, the premier institute will be able to hire for the position from other institutes as well on deputation.

The new order said that the MS will be appointed “on deputation” for a period of up to five years, initially for three years and then be extended for two years.

As per the order issued by Dr Sanjay Kumar Arya, Professor and in-charge of Faculty Cell, a candidate for the MS post will need to have 14 years of teaching or research experience after obtaining the postgraduate qualification in the specialty or the Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration, of which at least seven years should be in the administration of a major hospital in a senior position. Source: The Indian Express | Read full story

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