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16 Nov 2023 • "Don't wait for a fever!"

'Don't wait for a fever to diagnose an infection in neonates. In fact, neonates can present with hypothermia during an infection 👶🏻

This was one of the many pearls that Dr. Tushar Maniar shared in the session on 'Managing Sick Neonates: From Assessment to Action'🚼

"To know what is wrong, we first need to understand what is right, what is normal"👨‍⚕️

With this statement, Dr. Maniar begins the session with the Essentials of Normal Neonatal Care.

When it comes to Neonates, we need to remember the following:

  • They are not 'Bite-sized adults' : Neonates cannot be managed like Adults. It is starkly different 🤔
  • They are Fragile: Handle with Care👨‍🍼
  • They are Immunocompromised: By this statement, Dr. Tushar tries to convey that we need to be mindful of their under-developed Immune system🩸
  • There is very small window for action: We need to act fast!⏳

Let's take a look at some of the fundamentals of Neonatal Assessment:

  • Make sure to check the vitals, along with skin colour, muscle tone and reflexes: For instance, if there is a lack of or unequal Moro reflex, we need to think of Erb's palsy.
  • Check all the openings/ orifices of the Newborns: If there is a delay in the closure of the posterior fontanelle, you need to suspect Congenital Hypothyroidism.
  • Don't forget to check the Eyes, Ears and Oral Cavity: Is the Red reflux absent in the Eye? Could it be Retinoblastoma or Cataract?
  • Some conditions are often missed in assessment like Choanal atresia and Inguinal Hernia.

From the few instances mentioned above, it is quite evident that a neonate requires an elaborate physical examination🧐

How to evaluate and manage a Neonate with Neonatal Sepsis or Hypoglycemia or Meningitis?!

Well, we have got you covered. Tune in now!💁‍♀️

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