Draft Recommendations for Osteoporosis Screening Issued by the US Task Force

12 Jun 2024 • The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has issued a draft recommendation on screening for osteoporosis. According to it,

  • All women aged 65 years and above should be screened for osteoporosis to prevent fractures.

  • Screening is recommended in women younger than 65 who have gone through menopause and are at increased risk of an osteoporotic fracture.

More research is needed on whether or not men should be screened for osteoporosis.

The Task Force says that screening for osteoporosis is crucial in preventing fractures in women above 65 years, and women below 65 years who have attained menopause/have a high risk of fractures or osteoporosis. Such fragility fractures can reduce the quality of life, morbidity, and even death.

Source:USPSTF | Read full story

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