Kolkata hospital fined 1.25 crore for Doctor death

19 Jan 2023 • "The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission(NCDRC) has directed the Kothari Medical College to pay a compensation of 1.25 crore rupees to the husband of Dr. Arunima Sen, who died during a 'Dilation & curettage' with laparoscopic dye test' procedure on March 5th, 2014. She was 31 and working at the BC Roy Hospital when she died. Arunima suffered from dysmenorrhea & PCOD along with benign tumors of the uterus. She first came in for her treatment on Feb 4th, 2012 and in the initial phase, she was reluctant to undergo the dye test. She obliged later and while the procedure was near completion, she suffered sudden cardiac arrest with significant drop in oxygen saturation & BP. Appropriate measures were taken to resuscitate her but unfortunately she did not survive. The West Bengal Medical Council in its report stated that the doctors involved in the case were not negligent based on their expert committee report. Dr. Arunima's husband Mr. Somraj Sen, who levied negligence charges against these doctors, said ""I'm unhappy with the order of the NCDRC. No doctor has been punished for the death. How can only the hospital be responsible, as doctors were exonerated. Sen had initially asked for compensation of 50crore. as Dr. Arunima was a young doctor in government service. Sen also alleged that the doctors did not take proper precautions for her allergic reactions. His counsel Shiv Shankar Banerjee said it was a fit case for appeal in the Supreme Court.

Source: TOI | Read full story"

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